Monday, August 31, 2015

May 25, 2015 - Crazy stuff here in Barreiro

So this week was hilarious! Too many things to write but I'll share my experience during church yesterday!

So 9:30. Church starts and we have a pesquisador and his grandson in church! Awesome! He's 13 and actually really liked it! We have priesthood first first and its all going good. 
10:30 Our gospel principles class starts and its all going good.
11:15 we leave class early to go grab Maria. We arrange a ride to pick her up with a member and we book it over there! She is a lady that my comp baptized last transfer but never came back to chuch to recieve the holy ghost! Haha so we finally just grab her and put her in the car and come to church! Haha but she finally got it after 6 weeks! That was an intense drive
11:30 Sacrament starts. The sisters in our ward had 5 investigators at church so we kinda had to help them by sitting next to them and stuff. Then we have sacrament. The recent convert that blessed the water ended up saying the prayer no joke 15 or 16 times because he was realllly nervous. So that was just hard. Then we have the most people we've had in church in like 6 months so we get to the end of the water and there ends up being 2 less cups then they needed! 2!!!! The only 2 people that didnt get the water was the 2 kids passing. So they had to fill up the cups again and resay the prayer. So that was a little long. Then the speaker didnt show up so my comp had to give a talk so that was cool. Then Irmao samual speaks haha and hes like 75 and hes awesome but just old. So he ends up just reading a conference talk. And hes 75 so he read it really slowly. Just straight reads it! haha it took like 25 minutes. And basically everyone fell asleep haha too funny. Plus for some reason there were a ton of little kids! Haha they were really loud and crazy and it was just a hilarious scene. There were 7 investigators there between the sisters and us and we really hope that they arent confused beyond belief saying all these different prayers and random long boring talks hahah BUT it was still awesome. Haha moral of the story. No matter how crazy or weird and long church is, its one of the most important ordinances we have and thats why it has to be perfect! 
Love you all! Have an awesome week and all you priests that are reading this. Make sure you have enough water!;)

This is a picture of us at lunch at a members house who didnt have room for herself so we just kinda ate while she catered to us. Haha shes not in the picture but she is amazing! but yeah this is our little district.

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