Monday, August 31, 2015

July 13, 2015 - New Mission Prez

Hello my fellow Americans!

This week we had Zone Meeting! On wednesday we took our 2 and a half hour drive to Coimbra and we get there and we call the ZLs and they say it isnt until thursday.... Hahah that was quite annoying. So we drove back home did a little work then drove back the next day! So yeah we spent 10 hours in the car this week!

Anyway our mission president finally got his visa and he arrives this week! The mission council talked with him over Skype so they got to kinda meet him and get his vision for the mission and stuff. He's super cool! He has so much faith and said that we're going to baptize more tnan the mission did BEFORE the split! It was pretty powerful. Also, just to say, when he was on his mission in Brazil he was AP for his last 15 months and baptized every single weekend for his last 39 weeks!! too crazy! He focused A TON on obedience. He said that obedience and hard work was how we are going to succeed! So I'm pretty pumped to baptize!!

But this week we founf this awesome kid named Francisco! He's 16 and we always see him doing email and at the mall and just like randomly on the streets like every day. So we finally got his address and decided to teach him, and hes captivated to say the least! He is super into everything we say and he said he stayed up till 4 am reading the book of mormon! He is coming to church on sunday and hes awesome! 

I've been reading in the war Chapters of Alma this week and everytime I read this part I get pumped!!! Moroni is just super human. And a genius. And the stripling warriors are fearless and just trust in God more than anything and I'm a guy who likes action maybe thats why I like it so much haha but sometimes its hard to get super spiritual with all those wars. But I never really realized HOW MUCH the stripling warriors trusted in God. They shouldve lost. Helaman called them little boys and sons like 5 times but they still just said, "Nah we're good we've got the Lord on our side dont worry about it" too cool! I hope all of you are like the stripling warriors and know that you can defeat anything with the Lord on your side!!

Have an awesome week!!

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