Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 3, 2015 - Behind Enemy Lines

So my subject line has the weirdest story behind it!
First off this week was transfers! My comp left to go train and so I stayed here! My new comp was in the MTC with me, Elder Platts! His first name is Tanner. Haha of course. And hes from southern California and hes a classic surfer dude. Anyway I was called to be DL over one other dupla in our district and I'm pretty pumped! My old DL is my new ZL and hes super cool so I'm pumped! My old comp was the one with the drivers license so I needed to get mine! So we wake up wednesday morning and drive 2.5 hrs to porto to do all the paper work. We actually ended up just chillin in the mission office for the better part of the day and that was way fun to see all the elders passing through the office. I saw all my old comps and It was just fun.
Then that afternoon I had to get my doctor check up for my drivers license to make sure I can see and breathe and stuff. Then the next morning after sleeping in the executives house we went to the DMV to get my license. And if you think American DMVs are bad just picture portuguese haha thre was like a huge fight with yelling and screaming with police because someone thought someone else cut in line. ANYWAY we are doing our paper work and the lady tells us that we need to have our utah state driving record stamped, sealed, translated and signed by the US CONSOLATE!! And the closest one is in lisboa! So we called president and explained the situation and he said do whatever it takes! So we took a road drip to Lisboa!! 3 hours down the A1 and it was super relaxing. But Lisboa is now the other mission! So president told us not to tell anyone that we were going... haha so yeah I crossed the mission border and snuck into lisboa smuggling all our paperwork with us. It was pretty sweet.
Then the next morning, friday, we get it all figured out and now I am a licensed driver in the country of portugal! And my license doesnt expire until 2044! Sweeeet. So then we had to drive another 3 hours back to porto then andother 2.5 to our actual area and we got home to late to work and we finally started proselyting on saturday. So yup we spent 72 hours driving all over the country. Fun stuff!
I have a ton of respect for the office elders. They do so much and like never sleep or eat and they deserve a raise or something.
This week in preisthood we learned about fasting and the talk from president Eyring in conference. And our stake president said something really interesting. He said that with every commandment and law or anything we are fasting. Not just from food at the beginning of the month but fast from money for tithing, or fast from beer and drugs, or fast from the world on sundays, or fast from music and movies for 2 years on a mission, or fast from anything! Every law or commandment in the church requires some sort of fasting. Super cool insight.
Anyway. Last week we went to this super cool castle!
Love you guys! Hope you have a radical week!

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