Monday, August 31, 2015

June 8, 2015 - Paciencia

Well this week was maluco!

Weel last week I said we were going to have a baptism yesterday but it fell through:P He was 13 living here with his grandma and his mo lives in England. So we were teaching him everything all week and he was getting pretty excited but he said he was still having some pressure from his mom becasue she thought it was too rushed. So we reassured him it was ok and he got interviewed on saturday! We started planning the service and everything and things were looking up then he said nahh I'm thinkng about waiting until June 21. Dang it. So we had the DL talk to him and we tried convincing him for about 45 minutes but he said he just wants to wait. Oh well. At least hes still getting baptized! But.... I wont be there for it.

I got transfered! I'm back up in the North mission in a huge area named Covilhã. Its pretty east actually like right in the middle of the country. Its pretty sweet so far I've only been here for about 5 hours haha but we have a car! So that should be sweet! My comp is awesome and he has 4 transfers left so its going to be awesome! 

Its getting pretty hot here but one of the memebrs in my old branch cut 3 of my long sleeve shirts so now I have 3 more short sleeve shirts! I love members! So now I have 5 in total! Its pretty cool. 

But cool experience last week. We were teaching this 18 year old kid who actually stopped us on the street because he heard us speaking english and he freaked out! Hahah so he started speaking with us in english and he is so good! Like basically fluent. he then describes how he is atheist and wants to believe in God but only through logic. Haha so we started meeting with him to answer this big list of questions he has. And in the past 3 times we taught him about intelligences, and how we can become gods, and how God had a god when God was a human like us and how there was no beginning or end and All this crazy deeeep stuff. Hahah so he comes to church to see with his own eyes becasue he really wants to know but he just has to think it through with logic. And he BORE HIS TESTIMONY! Hahaha too funny but awesome! He goes up and says how hes atheist. From the pulpt. Oh no. Then he goes on to say how he doesnt really know yet but he does know that he felt really loved at church and everyone seemed like a family there and he liked it! Too awesome. The whole branch loves him and it was awesome.

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