Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 10, 2015 - Sushi!

Bom dia tudo mundo!

This week went by way too fast! Last P day we went a had some sushi which was like a 5 out of 10 but still way good becasue he beat our cooking! But then on tuesday we went to a little gypsie neighborhood which sometimes could be a waste of time but we have one little family that we are trying to work with. Anyway we are talking to all these kids and they start asking us if we know all these WWE wrestlers haha like they are talking all about who is the best WWE wrestler and they have all these youtube videos of WWE. It crackd me up. 

Then we had our Zone meeting! It was the best zone meeting yet! First we wrote a huge list of things of why it is so hard to baptize in Portugal. So we wrote catholics, and church was too early, and people too hard to change, and everyone is on vacation etc. There were like 40 reasons. Then we read 3 profecies specifically about Portugal and we dissected D&C 4. And basically they asked if we should have these excuses or trust in modern day prophets and modern day revelation? I dont know why it didnt feel like scolding but got me super pumped! Then we talked a lot about teaching and finding families and fathers. And president said that if we find a woman or a wife or kid, we cant teach them without the father giving permision or him being taught too. So its been hard this week to find these families and the dad wants nothing to do with us making us have to drop them. But I know that this counsel is revelation and definietly will make this country grow and become stronger. 

Miracle story. It was like the last 45 minutes of the night and we hadnt had ay success. So we made a goal of just finding 1 new investigator. Just 1 before the night was over. So we said a prayer asking for guidance and we start knocking this building. The 2nd door is a family who has already been taught a lot by previous elders and are way super nice and boom. Miracle. I know for a fact that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and he is always there to help us! More on them next week. 

We had a FHE with our branch president again andwe talked all about the Book of Mormon and why its so important etc. The lesson went really well but its so awesome being a missionary because we teach so much and while I teach I learn so much too! So by the end of the lesson my testimony of the Book of Mormon was that much stronger. We didnt teach anything deep or some new revalation but just simple truth. And I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I love it!

Well hope you guys have an awesome week! Abra├žos! 

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