Monday, August 31, 2015

May 18, 2015 - I love members!

Olá from sunny Lisboa!

It has been pretty dang hot this past week! My missionary tan lines are coming in just great! But yeah we actually didnt have too much success this week. But for some reason I still felt way happy about this week. Yesterday was the Benfica game. They're the soccer team in Lisbon that is basically worshipped here and they were playing last night for the Portugal Champiosnhip. So from 6-8 nobody was home. Everybody was at the local Pasteleria watching the game. And the people that were home, were watching the game. Haha it was quite frustrating! Literally EVERYBODY was watching it. So we didnt have much to do last night until about 8. We passed Gabriella. We had taught her once but we just havent been able to find her again! But finally we did. And we had an awesome lesson! She told us that she had started the Book of Mormon since we left it with her and she started from page 1. Literally the intro and the 8 witnesses and everything haha I love her! We invited her to be baptized on june 7th but she said that she wants to but she doesnt know yet for sure. But it was still a succes! It was the first time we had a pretty hopeful lesson this week! Too cool! 

Yesterday also we had an awesome lunch with some members! Irma Fatima has been a member for 30 years and she has this beast of a son who looks like hes Dwayne the Rock Johnson! NO JOKE! Hes so sick! They were so nice and hilarious! Then he says that he wishes that he could feed us everyday but the rules  dont allow it. Then he went on about how much he respects the Elders and it 
was so cool to have someone so cool telling us that! I love members. 

2 interesting things happened this week. We found a mirror!!! It was just chilling on the road! And its so sick! Our bathroom had this really tiny mirror but now we can be vain and prideful with a better mirror!! Hahaha its sweet. Then on P day last week i was offered marijuana. So that was cool. It was too overpriced so  I said no. 

Well thats about it. Love you all! Até proxima semana! Heres a picture of our mirror!

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