Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 24, 2015 - MARIA JOSE!!

This week was awesome!!! :D

We've been working with this awesome lady Maria Jose for months now! And she lives literally next door to the chapel. I've come to really love her and SHE FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!! It was so aweomse! She just walked by herself and finally showed up! The memebrs were so awesome in making her feel loved and she had a good time! I actually spoke so that was a good coincidence and there were 30 people in sacrament too! (normally we have 17-19) So it was awesome! So now we can finally talk more about baptism and we are going to push for her to get baptized this next week!!

Oh I had ratatouille this week! We had a member meal and it was delicious!

Ok so I love my comp but sometimes hes a little blonde..... We were making a cake for his birthday from scratch. The recipe was written like this

4 flour, 
4 sugar
2 eggs
1 1/2 salt
etc etc

So obviously the flour and sugar are cups and the salt is either Tbls or Tsp. But he insisted that no we have to add 1 and a half CUPS of salt. CUPS! I told him a million times no dont put in 1 and a half cups! Its Tbls! Thats insane! As he was doing it i was like yelling at him and it was too late and he reasoned that with 8 cups of the other stuff 1 cup of salt is nothing and will be evened out. So obvisouly we tasted it and we almost gagged and his cake was ruined. Too funny! Haha I love him:D

We watched Finding faith in Christ this week with an investigator! And the part where he has the adulterer brought to him and says "he without sin cast the first stone." THEN he tells the adulterer "Go and sin no more" I have a question that I cant find the answer to. Does the phrase go and sin no more mean she literally was blessed to never sin again and was perfect from that point on? Or was she just forgiven and told try your best not to commit adultery again and not to sin again? Because it kinda sounded like a command or a blessing as if she WILL SIN NO MORE. I hope my question makes sense.

Love you all and an awesome week!

And this our go kart adventures!


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