Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31, 2015 - Luis!

So we found this guy Luis about 2 weeks ago. Hes from Lisbon and is here visiting his son for about a month or 2. We contacted him in the street and he said that he has always seen the elders in Lisbon but never talked to him. So we invitied him to church and he said yeah he'll come by. He lives out of his car and doesnt have any clothes except one purple striped shirt and one green striped shirt. So hes in the perfect humble sitauation to accept the gospel!

So last week he didnt come to church and we call him wednesday to talk to him and he said " I didnt lie! I came to church! But I came at 3 and it was already closed! I didnt lie I didnt lie!" Haha Luis calm down just come next week. So then on friday we had an awesome lesson in the chapel with him and he said the most heartfelt prayer I've heard in a long time! He just poured out his soul just asking for a little luck. Then at the end he said he wanted to cry for some strange reason. (Yeah thats the spirit punching you in the face:D) So then yesterday he came to church and he really liked it! Hopefully he'll be here long enough for him to get baptized before he goes back to Lisbon! But yeah Luis is our best friend now!

Other than that nothing too special happened. Maria Jose didnt come to church but we helped pull some onions from her garden! It was pretty fun!

The Portuguese catholics do some good work on their Cathedrals!

Tenham uma semana maravilhosa! Até logo!

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  1. È sou brasileiro e fui chamo para sevir na missão porto portugal estou aprendendo muito com os relatos .......Queria saber mais como é ai