Monday, August 31, 2015

June 29, 2015 - Blood Sweat and Tears

This week has been exactly that! But its been awesome strangely enough! Haha Its still been dang hot and for some reason Greece is the only thing on any of the TVs... can someone please explain to me why? OH and happy birthday AMERICA!! I hope you all have an awesome 4th of July this weekend!

Well we had this awesome family that we were teaching but we still hadnt met the father. The mom and the 12 year old daughter were way cool and we always looked forward to our lessons. Then on thursday we finally meet the father! He was really nice and really friendly and we had high hopes! Then.... he dropped us. He said that he didnt want to split the family and they were going to stay catholic and to please stop coming by. we tried everything we could but there was nothing we could do! So that was sad. Maybe the next set of elders will get them. BUT THEN we recieve a text from the office about a reference from! (FYI super rare) about someone asking for a BOM. So our spirits shot right back up! We felt super bad for being mad at the world at that point haha

So on saturday we visit this reference. Shes about 60 years old and said that she likes to learn about other religions and heard about a church on the radio and then searched Christ Church in Covilhã and found our website. (Thanks Elder google) So we teach her and shes super Christian, not Catholic, but just super churchy and Only worships god and no saints or anything so it was a good start! Her husband was there too and about halfway through our lesson he starts to look really weak... he almost like passes out but stays in his chair. Then she stands up and puts her hands on his head and gives him a blessing. Like super loud and the spirit basically ran jumped out of the room. Hahah weird stuff over here man. But it was a super good lesson and shes going to read and shes going to invite her daughter to our next lesson and it was fun! 

Well thats all for now! Have fun blowing stuff up!


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