Monday, August 31, 2015

July 27, 2015 - Gargulhada: A Burst of Laughter

Yeah this week was pretty nuts!

We FINALLY met our new mission president! Hes super Brazilian. I dont know if you know but if you didnt know portuguese you would think Brazilian and portuguese portuguese are 2 different languages. But hes super cool! He brought a ton of new fogo and just a lot of good vibes! We had to be at the meeting at 7 in coimbra so we had to drive there the day before and we stayed in the elders house there but the thing is half the zone had to do that! So 10 elders all slept in the same house haha it was quite a party. 

He talked a lot about how obedience is key! Just be 100% obedient and we will see the blessings come. He even gave everyone a new white bible as an analogy to a new start and a new revival of the rules. Super cool. Then he talked about how success isnt measured by baptisms. And that was really good for me especially. And he held up a jar of rice and he dumped it on the ground and as he did that 7 or 8 big black beans were revealed. He said how every grain of rice was a rejection or a door slam or a NO. And the beans were people prepared to hear us and be baptized. So be patient and we need to be emptying our rice jar one person at a time. Every time we get a rejection we should say "YES!! 1 less grain of rice!" Haha it was pretty cool!

Then we had interviews but ours wasnt till 5 pm! So we went on a little mini division with the ZLs and it was actually way good! We contacted literally every person we saw and I got a new fogo to do more contacts! Then in my interview he challenged me to do 20 contacts every day! And so being exaclty obedient in the last 3 days I've done just that! And my comp! So between the 2 of us in the last 72 hours we've talked to 120 people. I feel so energized! I'm really excited to see what more our new mission President brings.

Oh and about Francisco and Rodrigo. Their Dad is scared of and said that we're dangerous and we cant talk to them anymore. Pretty dumb but oh well. We had to respect him and so we dropped them. I really hope we touched them enough to change their lives.

This week in my studies I came across an Ensign article about Samuel H Smith. The OTHER brother of Joseph Smith! So I found my new Hero from Pioneer days! Sam Smith was the 3rd person to be baptized in this last dispensation (Poor guy! I've never heard of him! I've only heard of the first 2! You would think the bronze medal would be at least mentioned!) Haha and he basically took over all the farm and house duties of Hyrum and Joseph while they were out restoring things. Sam actually was a scribe of the BOM for a little while. He also was the first Latter day Saint to arrive at Carthage and he helped burry his 2 brothers. His wife died and left him 2 (or maybe 3) little children and he such a beast! He died 30 days after Joseph and Hyrum of some fever but I think it was like a broken heart or just exhaustion. He was the behind the scenes guy that made everything run! So yeah just a little bit of church history for you people. I'm sure Im like the last to find this out but oh well! So happy Pioneer day! 

Well hope you have a marvelous week filled with sun and summer fun! 

And this picture here is an owl made up of random car parts! This city has a ton of random modern art stuff. Boa Semana!

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