Monday, August 31, 2015

June 22, 2015 - Cherries!


This week the portuguese summer hit us like a brick wall. Its been crazy hot but interestingly enough pretty nice. Haha but our little city here is pretty famous for their cherries and they should be! Basically everywhere you look theres just a cherry tree thats just saying hey man come eat my cherries! And so I've gained an obsession with cherries! And theres a ton of other fruit trees just chillin all over the place too like figs and plums and these ones called nesperas. Super awesome. 

We had an FHE with our Branch pres and his family and it was so fun! They had these 3 little neighbor kids come over and my comp made balloon animals for them it was so fun! 

We've been knocking a lot of doors and leaving a lot of first lessons but its been pretty frustrating not getting the next lesson. So it seems like we've been having a decent amount of lessons and stuff but its been hard to see real growth or success. We only have 1 lady who has recieved more than the first lesson so thats been kinda frustrating but we've really come to love this lady Maria. 

Maria is your classic portuguese working woman with a 18 year old son who smokes who just wants to have health and peace in her life. We visit her everyday and we are really trying to just bring the spirit to her home. Shes been elder Whitakers investigator for about 2 months now and she still hasnt been to church so its just been a patience building experience but shes sloooowly coming around. 

But i really have learned a lot about dilligence this week. We are walking a lot uphill in the blazing sun in hope of just one person who might be home or someone who says that yeah that time should work. We take every lead and we are doing everything we can just to see little results. But honestly I still feel really good about our work. I feel like we're giving it all so theres nothing else to complain about. The lord always gives us strength if we trust in him and give him our all and he will do the rest. So now...its his turn haha. 

We had our zone conference and we said by to our mission president. He leaves in like 6 days so its going to be very interesting to see what happens. And I saw my dad there!! it was a fun little reunion.

Love you all! Hope your summer has been totally rad!

P.S. Yes i went skiing haha

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