Monday, August 31, 2015

June 15, 2015 - I'm living in the mountains!

Yo Everybody!

So this area is nuts! First of all its really mountainy and old. Its super cool the whole city is built on the side of this super big mountain! And our area has the only ski resort in the country! So next week I think we're going there for P day! Its legit. 

We also have another little city about 40 KM away from us and once a week we go there becasue we have 3 or 4 members and some other investigators so thats when we use our car. And we did the math gas is 7 bucks a gallon! So we bascally only use our car once a week but its fun!

Our branch is tiny. We have 3 main families keeping it afloat and our branch president is a 23 year old Cape verdian and hes the coolest guy ever! Our branch is cool and I can tell that the elders are super important to them and I can feel so much love from them its so nice and warm and fuzzy. Haha wait was that out loud? 

Anyway I gave a talk yesterday about the Word Of Wisdom and i told the story about Emma Smith telling Joseph to go talk with God because she was sick of all the spit. I love that story!

My comp is super cool. Hes from southern utah and he has about 6 months left on the mission. Hes my 3rd comp all from the same MTC district 18 months ago. haha its been weird. 

Its been super rainy here which makes for some bad finding but oh well! We're working hard! Hopefully next week I have better news about the people we're teaching but we dont really have that many solid people yet so yeah... Love you all! Have the most delicious week!

p.s. sorry no pictures this week... Next week I will for sure!

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