Monday, August 31, 2015

July 6, 2015 - Its like a sauna in here

Well yeah its like a sauna over here on the other side of the pond! Its been hot and humid but oh so great!
4th of July was a pretty average day here. We just worked like normal and I wore my red white and blue tie! haha but it was actually a pretty crazy coincidence that for my morning studies that day I just happened to be on Alma 46 in mt Reading! So yeah I read all about the title of liberty and Moroni being his awesome self and it was a cool little reminder to fight for our freedoms and our family and our religion!! Its pretty cool.
Then for lunch on the 4th we decided to just get a good nice fresh salad! We went to the mall and it was delicious! Haha pretty unAmerican but oh well. We were so hot haha
Oh I tried sardines for the first time this week too! Way good!
But honestly this week was dang hard. We had a total of 5 lessons. yeah it was rough. Our teaching pool is basically empty and so we have been doing so much finding and tracting and we have felt pretty up beat and excited but just have been seeing no results! So we've been learning a lot about just enduring. Just keep trying to do better every day. So yeah. Not too much to report on.
Yes it was quite a shock to see the Supreme Court stuff show up over here in Portugal but I ehard the news. Its very interesting how in conference it seemed like every other talk was about families!!! Prophets can see the future! but no really! Really cool how they prepared us for battle really with those talks. I love this church.
Well thats about it! We went to this cool garden today! can you see me??
Love you guys and keep being you!

Oh and I forgot!!!! Our mission presidente still insnt here.... he cant get his visa stuff worked out. So the lisbon presidente is like ours until the porto presidente can arrive. weird stuff. I dont really know whats going on I just know hes not here yet. so yeah next week I'll probably have more info!

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