Monday, August 31, 2015

July 20, 2015 - Bom Dia Alegria!

One more week in the books!

So our mission presidente finally arrived in the country! He got here last week and he said that he is going to delay transfers until he interviews every missionary so now I gues we're going to have an 8 week transfer... weird stuff but I'm not even mad! This area is super awesome and my comp and I have become way good friends so 1 or 2 more weeks is going to be sweet! 

I gave a talk yesterday in church on obedience so that was cool.

We are still teaching Francisco and his brother Rodrigo and this week with them was hilarious! We can tell that they reallllly look up to us and they are kinda weird kids and need friends pretty desperately so they kinda just attached themselves to us. But they are reading the Book of mormon and they want every pamphlet and its been so fun! Every day they fight over who gets to pray and who knows more and stuff and its quite a strange predicament. 

But we decided that we feel like a father to them. Their father isnt really anywhere in their lives so we know that we need to not only be teaching them the gospel but also man and life skills. Its been cool to see them slowly but surely change. They didnt come to church yesterday but they said they would for sure this week!

We had a combined branch activity and it was so fun! We played soccer and volleyball and I realized that I have really slipped with my sports haha oh well. It was still fun and we got sunburned and everything and I love our branch!

Well this is what we do during weekly planning. We take light saber pictures! 

Love you guys! Have an awesome week!

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