Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sep. 5, 2016 - If You Ain't First, You're Last

So a couple weeks ago President created a mini Olympic games for the mission. Each week we focus on different key indicators and the zone with the highest average in that specific thing wins that week. So my Zone leader is super competitive but actually really motivating and wants to prove to President that our Zone of the Priesthood (our zone consists of 10 duplas of elders, no sisters!) is the best zone in the mission. So he might be a little crazy but it works and has been going really crazy to make sure we're all pitching in to win! So this week the focus was having the most people with a baptism date marked! And we did just that!

A couple weeks ago we were doing groceries and this guy yelled to us in English, "Hey are you Mormons?!" So we talked to him for a little bit and at first he seemed kinda crazy and just wanted to mess with us, so we left. Then on friday we see Fernando again! And he explained how he had Mormon friends in England and really likes Mormons and wants to be one! So right then and there I marked him for the 24th to be baptized and he was all for it! We came back the next day to teach all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon and he's a really humble solid guy! 

So today we get the results of this weeks Olympics and our zone got 39 out of the 77 marks of the mission! haha we killed it!! It was pretty satisfying to be part of the club finally! 

So yeah when we follow our leaders and work as a team we can get anything done!!

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