Sunday, November 6, 2016

Aug. 15, 2016 - The Cleanser

So to begin I would like to share 2 really interesting experiences that I had with my companion. First, I pulled out an apple from the fridge and asked him if he wanted one too. He said that he had never had one so he might as well see if he likes it. So he has it in his hand and he says "how do I eat this?" I was speechless. He then proceeded to unsuccessfully gnaw at the skin and what not. It was something I didnt think I would ever see. Hahaha he didnt like it.

Second, we threw a mini birthday party for a little 8 year old member in our chapel with the other members. So we were blowing up some balloons and my companion couldn't blow them up! (He plays the saxophone and the clarinet btw) The 8 year old could but for some reason he just couldn't get the air into it haha I then had to teach him out to blow up a balloon. Haha don't fret I love him! Really! He just makes for a good laugh!

Anyway as for the work this week was legendary! First off we were knocking doors and after about the 3892th door we found this really cool Brazilian, painter, surfer who married an English woman in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro! His name is Wilson. We talked to him for like an entire hour and he was really curious and accepting and said he wanted to come to church! He didnt show up but he said he was sorry and that he would next week. But still he is so cool!

Then we found Jose Leitão. This was one of the wildest thing I have ever seen. So we contact this guy and I notice he is wearing a rather fancy CTR ring. First thought; COOL! MEMBER! He then proceeds to explain how he is Catholic and he wont let us forget it haha and how he has had that ring for 30 years since the Elders gave it to him. So we go back to his house the next day and he shows us his 3 different Books Mormon that he has collected over the years. He said how his wife had died and how he felt lonely and wanted us to be his friends. We invite him to church and he says he would like to go and its been a while since he's been to Mass. So on Sunday we go pick him up and walk with him to church! It was the first investigator that this branch has seen in church in months! It was so great to see our work finally pay off!! 

I have been reading Jesus the Christ and I found something really cool during the clearing of the temple with the whips and all that good stuff. James E. Talmage is explaining it and refers to Jesus as "The Cleanser." I read that and had a sort of enlightening. We all hear how he is the Son of God, The Bread of Life, The comforter, The prince of Peace etc. but I had never thought to call him "the Cleanser" And that is truly what he is. He cleanses us when we need to be cleansed. He can take all our burdens and sins on himself and make us clean!

Well have a marvelous week! 

2nd Picture: In case of emergency, get on the see saw!!!!

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