Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jun 20, 2016 - R.I.P Sister Powell

Don't fret nobody died...just a part of me died. I hit my 18 month mark and if I was a sister I would have died this week haha

Anyway this week was pretty average. Nothin too special. Claudino got the Holy Ghost and he asked me to do the confirmation and it was a really cool experience! Definitely one of my favorite recent converts!

Other than that we've just been traveling a lot to other areas and what not and it's been a blast! It's beach season so we've been visiting all the districts closest to the beach:D Haha

This picture of us at the beach was too funny. So we go have a double district P day and we play some beach volleyball. The area we went to is a big cruise ship stop. So this guy taking the picture is an RM who works on the cruise ship and was on his break and saw us playin and said " hey those are totally missionaries!" and so he played with us. The Mormon brotherhood is real.

Transfers are tomorrow and I feel like I'm leaving. Which is really sad ): 

Always be preaching the gospel, and sometimes use words!

I've been channeling my inner artist

i dont know if you remember on Christmas but this was the guy whose house we stayed at for Christmas haha we returned last wek!! he actually gave me that sweater so we had to take a pic together!

Other than that I'm glad that the whole fam damily is back in utah! 

Transfers are tomorrow and I'm really sad because basically I know I'm leaving and I dont want to ): Oh well I asked prez twice if I could stay but we'll see. 

Love ya miss ya!

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