Sunday, November 6, 2016

Aug. 8, 2016 - Ping Pong Makes Miracles

This week was actually quite boring, and hot. But It was a good chance to really look for the tender mercies in life. 

First off we had a really cool experience with the Rock of our ward Irmão Soares. So he gets a call saying that his daughter was in the hospital. It was urgent and pretty bad. The phone call was so fast that he didnt really get the details but he was worried. Irmão Soares decides to call his brother so they can all pray for him. Not even a minute later we knock on his door. I was just tired and wanted to visit them. Turns out we came at the precise moment we were supposed to. He then told us what had happened and asked me to offer a prayer for his daughter. (I guess Elders' prayers are "more powerful" haha) Within 5 minutes he gets a call from his daughter saying all is well and she was out of the hospital! WHOA! It was actually really crazy.... so yeah prayer works!!

We had our branch FHE and we decided to play some around the world ping pong and some other games on the ping pong table. Our branch president was there for the first time! He is a good man. I sustain him. Lets just say... he is very closed and never smiles. Ever. So we were playing some ping pong and it was getting pretty fun and he started laughing and smiling!! It lightened up a lot and it was quite strange to see his teeth haha but Miracle!! Ping Pong is the key to life everyone.

But honestly this week was pretty tough and I was mentally and spiritually exhausted. We show up to fast and testimony meeting and I was in a pretty bad mood and just wanted to sleep. I didnt want to bear my testomny because I just felt like it wouldnt be very good. But being a branch with 8 members I had no choice. So I bear a short and sweet testimony on the power of prayer and I sit down and I felt so light! Just so happy with so much hope for the future. It was a huge tender mercy for me. So I hope everyone who reads this never misses a chance to bear your testimony.

3 Nephi 17:17 And no tongue can speak, neither can there be written by any man, neither can the hearts of men conceive so great and marvelous things as we both saw and heard Jesus speak; and no one can conceive of the joy which filled our souls at the time we heard him pray for us unto the Father.

I read this scripture this week and I was so taken back at how much Joy Jesus Christ can truly offer us. For the Nephites it was so much they couldnt even comprehend it! I love Christ and I am so grateful for his sacrifice he did for each and everyone of us so that we can find inconceivable joy!

P.S. Congrats to Jared and Tori on their new baby boy Beckett!!! Welcome to the fam lil weirdo #2 (;

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