Sunday, November 6, 2016

Aug. 22, 2016 - So I went to Romania this week....

We had a sweet zone meeting this week! My first zone meeting in this zone so it was cool to get to see a different part of the country down here in the southern most zone of the mission. The mission has set a goal of 50 baptisms in the month of September! The closest we've ever come was 35 so we have a lot a work to do! It was really interesting we have always set goals at right about where we've been staying. The mission baptizes about 30 a month, so our goals have always been around 30. This time president just said lets just do more! Lets just do what we think cant be done! Why do we just have to stay where we are? Lets go for 50! It was pretty cool! 

Then right after we did divisions with the zone leaders. Now they are teaching a neighborhood of Romanians. Yes an entire neighborhood! Like 70 of them! So we go from house to house speaking our very limited Romanian and their limited portuguese (yes I have picked up a few phrases here and there :D) trying to teach what we can. It was nuts we had like 5 lessons in only a couple hours! 

Side story, in one of the houses, a Real Salt Lake game was playing on the tv! What??

Anyway then we were leaving and they decided to feed us the most gigantic dinner ever! It was delicious! So that was like the highlight of the week!

Other than that, our area is moving pretty slow. The entire city is on vacation! Nobody is home and its annoying but oh well. Just gotta keep keeping on! They'll come back eventually!

SET HIGH GOALS and DREAM BIG! Have a great week!

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