Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jun 27, 2016 - Beach is Life.

So the odds were not in my favor this week. I was transferred just across the river to Matosinhos! I was sad to leave all my recent converts and my friends in my last área but I couldnt have been transferred to a closer área! It shares the border with my last área and I can literally see my old bishops house from my área now haha. Its been great! And our house is 2 streets down from the beach!! This will be my 9th transfer here in this zone! I am also training Elder Madsen fom Highland Utah! He is so pumped about the work and has way more greenie fire than anyone I have ever seen! Haha its exhausting but refreshing. My last 2 comps were dying so this will be a nice change.

Well this week basically consisted of just getting to know the members and the área. But we did manage to find Daniela and Vítor from the área book! They are a young couple with a baby girl. They are so cool and so nice and when we plan their wedding its going to be awesome! :D

This week I was Reading in the Teachings of the Prophets: Joseph Smith. And there was a part that was amazing to me! It talked about babies or young children that die. He explained that the parents of such children will have the chance to raise and care for these children in heaven just like they were here on earth. So The parents will create that parent-child bond even in heaven! I love that knowledge that The Plan of Happiness gives us! I love my family and I cant wait to live with them forever!

Elder Powell

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