Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jun 13, 2016 - Batismo!!

First sorry to the lack of pictures. Our stake president banned us from using the computers at the chapel so we are at an internet cafe with no way to send pictures. Lame.

Anyway Claudino got baptized yesterday! It was really awesome and the spirit was so strong. He was crying when he came out of the water and it was so cool. He brought his 17 year old son with him too and we're totally going to start teaching him! It was an awesome day!

On another note. I learned how to drive stick shift this week!!!! So we had to trade in our car for a stick and my comp totally taught me and now I'm a pro. I drove up to my last area today for P day and it's been quite fun. 

We are teaching this guy from Croatia who speaks spanish and my comp is a legend and used the gift of tongues and taught an entire first lesson in spanish!! We then proceeded to buy a spanish for dummies book and are now aprendendo espaƱol:D 

The church is true!

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