Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jul 25, 2016 - Peniche: The Wave Capital

This week was full of miracles! 

First off on tuesday we were koncking doors kinda late and we see this guy grilling up some sardines. We think nothing of it and we keep going. Then after a couple more feet he beckons us to come over to him and he asks if we want some sardines? Of course! So pulls off these 2 fresh sardines and gives them to us. My comp doesnt like them so I got 2! I then proceeded to contact this very nice fellow and he says he's atheist and doesnt want anything. Haha it was bizarre. 

We actually found a ton of new investigators this week too. On friday we had a pretty full day and we didnt have too much time to do any finding but we walked past this 1 door and we felt well lets just hurry and knock this door. And this really nice older couple let us and we talked for about 45 minutes and we shared a little about the plan of salvation and it was sweet! They told us to come back next week!

We had a really good family home evening with a couple more members than last time. We watched the new Jospeh Smith flm which is really good!! We still have yet to bring any investigators to church or activities but Rome wasnt built in a day and we're still pushing along. 

We contacted this man in a wheel chair this week. About 5 minutes into the conversation he reaches down to get something on his leg. He then proceeds to EMPTY HIS CATHETER SACK! Hahaha just pouring pee right onto the sidewalk. Haha we left a card and said goodbye.

We had a really nice couple from Utah on vacation visit the branch yesterday. I translated for them and it was a fresh spark of life into our branch. She actually played the piano really well so that was a nice change. 

My comp is... different. He eats cereal in a bowl, with a glss of milk to the side Yes dry cereal and glass of milk. This week we made some sandwhiches to take with us out proselyting. We ended up not eating them and they were pretty hot but not too bad. When we get home my comp then proceeds to freeze our sandwhiches so that the "bacteria" from the hot day dies. Yes he froze our sandwhiches. He then tempted to deforst them and they were nasty. Gotta love comps!!

Anyway the work is going great and I'm learning and growing everyday! Everyone watch this new mormon message. 

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