Sunday, November 6, 2016

Aug. 1, 2016 - Churrasco!

Well this week was crazy!

FIrst we had our Zone conference with president. Since we are like 3 hours from where we were having we got to stay in a really nice hotel the night before! The carpet was amazing! Haha the conference was good. He talked a lot about Christ and our relationship with him needs to be always growing, so Pres. challenged all of us to read Jesus the Christ. So I guess for my last 4 and a half months here I will be reading a lot! We also got an extra hour of Pday so thats awesome!

We then had our annual branch BBQ. It was actually way better than we had planned. We had 4 investigators and 3 less actives there! We ended up having 21 people! We consider that a miracle after only having 6 members in church on my first week. 

On sunday I taught preisthood to our 1 teacher and another teacher who was visiting.I learned how to improvise an hour lesson in less than a minute! We talked about how we can take upon us the name of Christ. Then I gave a talk on the Natural man in sacrament meeting. I felt like an apostle quoting the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and Elder Holland :D 

We knocked on a ladies door from the area book and she answered and said oh I need you guys to talk to my son. So we go to his room and he starts like yelling at us and swearing at us. I tried to stay calm and have us come out to talk to us but he freaked out and slammed the door on us. We then talked to his mom and it turns how he is a scitzophrenic and sometimes she has to call the police when she feels endangered. So... yeah we're going to just teach his mom(; 

My 2nd trainer and my last comp both finished their missions today. So now I have 7 comps who are all home. Its a sad day and I feel like a little piece of me died today too.

Oh and our 2 investigators that we marked for baptism in our last area before we were emergency transferred got baptized yesterday! I was really happy to know that though my time was short in that area, I made a difference in at least 2 people there(:

Love ya guys! Have a great week! 

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