Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sep 12 - We Saw A Miracle This Week!...And I ate snails :D

Well we really did see a miracle yesterday!

This week in our mission Olympics was who could bring the most investigators to church. So we had a huge focus on inviting anyone and everyone. We called everyone we know. We were fasting. We left the house early on sunday to go knock on investigators' doors and we got to church and nobody had shown up yet. BUT then 3 minutes before sacrament meeting Amelia showed up!! She is that lady that has the schizophrenic son. She had said that she wanted to go but she had another thing planned during church. But lo and behold she just showed up by herself! It was really cool. The Stake president was there and gave a really good non member friendly talk and it really excited the whole branch! And our zone got the gold medal for the 2nd week in a row!

Elder Zwick of the 70 visited our mission and he is a stud! He told us stories of how he built the first chapel in Bolivia with his own hands on his mission! And how he baptized 500 people and basically is a legend. His message was about foundations. He is a construction guru and said that the foundation is the most important part. He said how some buildings have 2 or 3 times as much cement in the foundation than in the rest of the building combined. And how nobody can see the foundation. It was a really good reminder of how we need our foundation to be in Christ and we need to be doing everything we can behind the scenes where nobody can see to have a strong foundation that can with hold anything. 

And I hate snails this week! They were really good! See pictures for more awesomness!

Seeya next transfer!

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