Monday, December 5, 2016

Oct 31, 2016 - Happy Dia Das Bruxas!

So Halloween isnt really a thing here. But they do call today Day of the Witches! Fun fact for ya.

Anyway, things here have been beautiful! Its about 80 degrees and sunny and its doesnt look like its going to rain any time soon! We had transfers this past week and I will be spending my last 6, now 5, weeks here with Elder Law! So  everyone has about 5 days to get any last packages to me before I go home(; 

As for the work, things have been pretty frustrating here. Our elders Quorum president is in the hospital. His son, Alexandre, has been teaching his friend, Ruben, with us a lot and he wants to get baptized! But now with Alexandre's dad in the hospital, things are going pretty slow. We didnt meet with them once this week and they din't show up for church when they said they would. So things have been going pretty slow. We are going over there today to give him a blessing and next week will be better for sure! 

Our water is heated by solar power. So when its cloudy we have cold showers. When its sunny we have hot showers. Haha its unfortunate.

We got an A+ on our surprise house inspection this week!

My comp made a delicious taco salad this week! We're on a healthy diet now.

Dont forget to vote!! #trump2016

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