Monday, December 5, 2016

Nov 21, 2016 - We Found the End of the Rainbow!

Well this week was quite interesting.

We started off with my last Zone Conference! We traveled about 3 hours north to Coimbra and there about 50 missionaries there! It was quite the riot! Being in this zone for 6 months now it was fun but hard saying bye to everyone! I bore my last testimony and it was pretty surreal. I still remember my first zone conference and listening to some last testimonies and its was strange to finally be the one doing it.

Then we found a family door knocking! This man in his late 30s answered and welcomed us in like we were old friends! His wife was ironing some clothes and their 3 little boys were watching cartoons. I felt like I was in America! He tells us their all suuuper catholic! Like they were missionaries in Spain and have done several treks to Spain in the Catholic name with his wife and all this stuff. We were in for a fight. Well then things went downhill from there and there littlest boy of about 4, started attacking me! Like really! He was jumping on me and playing with me and at first I just played back, but then it got violent! He started grabbing my tie and pulling really hard and jumping on my head! Haha it was weird because his dad just continued to listen to my comp and acted like it was all normal! The lesson was horrible and I left with a scratched eye lid and a very long tie. Haha maybe the next elders will get em...

Then we went with our senior missionary couple to a city about 30 minutes away to visit all the in-actives out there and we actually saw some success! We visited about 16 families in about 4 hours and we found a family with 6 kids! the mom is baptized and some of the kids were too. They have cars and are self sufficient and it was like striking oil out here! Hopefully I can see some fruits of the visit before I leave.

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving! 

and we channeled our inner hipster this week.

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