Monday, December 5, 2016

Nov 14, 2016 - God Bless The USA

Well what a great day to be an American!

Funny story of the week. So obviously tuesday was the election. On wednesday morning we get a call from our President telling us the results! Haha we were spending the night with our Zone Leaders and our Zone leader is the biggest politics junky ever and our president knowss that. So we get a call at 830 in the morning saying that Trump Won!! And also the GOP took the house and the senate! Haha best Mission President ever! Also he is from Brazil was living in America on a green card and after he told us the news he says "I hope I dont lose my visa!" Hahaha good stuff. 

Other than that we went to porto for about 3 days getting ym comp's residency card and it was fun to be back in my old area! Yesterday we had Stake conference and we had to take a 3 hour bus at 7 in the morning and a 3 hour bus back. It really made me appreciate being able to walk to my stake center in Utah. A memebr from the 70 from Costa Rica now living in Spain spoke and he told a really good story about his mission. He gave up basically the best job, the best school, and the best girlfriend all to serve a mission. And when he came back he got it all back and 100x times more! He said we always have to put the Kingdom of God First. It really hit home for me hoping that all those promised blessings really come to pass soon(;

Other than that we had a good week working a lot with less actives and honestly a lot just with our firm members who have all been needing a lot of help lately. Its not all about the number.

Have a great week! 
p.s. And Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom and to my favorite sister in law Tori!

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