Monday, December 5, 2016

Oct 24, 2016 - Surf's Up!

We come to you live here from off the coast of Portugal in beautiful Peniche! 

Well this week the World Surf League came to town and its been quite a hoot! There has been a spike in Americans which has been cool. But a lot more surfer bums walking around haha its been fun! We stopped by today to watch and snagged these awesome pictures! See below.

But other than that things have been going great here in the branch. Amelia gave us her first reference which was pretty exciting for her. It didn't turn out but we were still proud of her for having that desire so soon to share the Gospel!

The other kid we have been teaching, Ruben, has been accepting the lessons pretty well and accepted baptism! We put it off for 3 weeks out because we still have to convince his Grandma to sign the papers but we're confident she will! His friend, Alexandre who is a member, has been helping a ton and has an awesome testimony only being 15!

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