Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sep 26, 2016 - Baptisms and Beaches!!!

Well this week was legendary!

We had the first baptism in this area in 2 years! I found Amelia with my last comp just before he left but Elder Law and I have done most of the teaching. On our first lesson together we marked her for the 1 of Oct then the next lesson we decided that was too far away so we changed it to the 25th and she accepted! During one of our last lessons before sunday she was saying how she had some doubts and didnt know if she wanted to get baptized but we calmed her fears and half way through the lesson she just burst into tears saying how she just knows this is right. She just feels every time shes with the Elders or at church that this right. Such a cool experience. 

So sunday we get her in the white clothes and headed off to the beach! Quick miracle. A couple from lisbon was on vacation and decided to come to church and they stayed for the baptism but we didnt have enough seats in cars for everyone. So they had 2 extra and it all worked out perfectly! Miracle!

But it was an awesome experience! The first time I've been in the ocean in far more than 2 years(; And the water wasnt even too bad! But it really pumped up the branch and we feel a lot more baptisms coming!

Then today we went to an island just off the coast of Peniche! It was so cool! By far the hidden gem of Portugal! We start off with a 45 minute boat ride out there followed by a giant Castle and some hikes and some caves a private beach! See pics below.

I love this work and I love the Lord. When you stop focusing on the little things and just remember to love people and do and be the good, you will be blessed. I hope you all have a question this week to be answered during conference! Have a great week!

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