Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feb 8, 2016 -

This week we had a ton of success! 

So last week I mentioned that a cousin of a member showed up in church and it turns out she has a huge desire to be baptized! We taught her again 2 times this week with our YW president and shes so ready! She accepted fev 20 to be baptized so we're working really hard so she's super prepared. Her cousin was the first member to join the church and he faced a lot of opposition from the family and its really likely that she will too. But we have faith that she'll over come it!

I went on a division with the Zone leaders this week and we taught a man that was ex-communicated. And it was one of the most powerful lessons I've ever taught. He was so in tune with the spirit and his desire to return is so big! At the end of the lesson he asked if the church had any For The Strength of Youth pamphlets because he wanted to read and always be thinking about those standards. I then remembered that I had picked up a wallet sized pamphlet a few transfers ago and I still had it! So I said here have this one. You can read it on the bus and stuff. He was a super excited and he said, "Elder Powell I know why you came here today. To give me that pamphlet. Thats why you had to do the division today." Whoa. Could that be? Just for that? And then I was thinking. Yeah! God's plan is perfect! He knows everyone and everything! And he looks out for the 1. So my plea for you is to notice the little miracles in life! Everything has a purpose and we have to be on the lookout for that purpose.

So our Ward mission leader is becoming like our 3rd comp. He's so awesome and is always helping us! In our correlation meeting we were talking about our investigators and all that good stuff and he said to be sure to think. We have to use logic sometimes. The scripture "...With all your might MIND and strength" He said you have to use you mind too. You cant just go 100 mph and think if you are working hard you'll get results. You have to think too. God wants us to be smart and use our knowledge in all aspects of life. So yeah that blew my mind. 

Scripture question of the week. Where did Alma get his Priesthood Authority after fleeing form King Noah? 

Have a great week!! And a very happy Valentines day to all! Or directly translated from Portuguese "Dia dos Namorados" --->"Day of the Boyfriends" Hahah love ya all!💕

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