Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dec 28, 2015 - NO TIME!

So Christmas was awesome! We hung out with our favorite people ever, David and his family! We ate a ton and it was awesome! We had a huge Mission conference with like half the mission and President was there and it was so fun! Today we had District Pday so we are in Vianna do Castelo and we went to see a huge catholic church and we came back to our chapel and played ping pong and ate crepes and all that good stuff! BUT unfortunately I only have like 15 minutes because we are watching a movie and I dont wanna miss too much of it! Haha 

But we also had a little spiritual thought with our P day and we talked about temples. the catholic church we went ot was on the top of this huge mountain that we had to hike up. And we parelled that with our journey to the temple. Its not easy to get there! Its hard and cold and tiring but the view at the top or in other words the blessings are so worth it! So yeah. Make the temple your goal and get there!!!!

Ill send pictures next week! Love ya and have a great new year!

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