Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feb 1, 2016 - I Have Learned For Myself

This week was off the chain!

We had our 2 day mega conference with all the leaders of the mission on Wednesday and Thursday! It was a party! The mission basically reserved an entire hotel for everyone and it was 2 days of basically President teaching us how to be super Leaders! The first day was a lot of straight instruction and training. And a lot of reprimanding by President. Haha he can be pretty intimidating sometimes. It was pretty exhausting. But the 2nd day was a lot more chill. A lot of practicing teaching and some good videos and stuff. Then elder Moreira of the 70 came and gave the most spiritual talk/devotional I have ever heard. It was titled "The Power of Prayer" So simple but so powerful! 

Yesterday we had 3 investigators in church! Our little friend David who is marked for baptism on the 7th brought one of his friends, then the cousin of a member who we found on the street showed up too! It was pretty cool! They were all between 12 and 15 so they all hung out together. We didnt have any of our youth from the ward show up yesterday so the Sunday school teacher and the YW president had classes of just investigators haha it was quite interesting! #europe but we're going to start teaching them this week so the baptisms should be coming pretty steadily from here on out. :D

Elder Moreira said that the most important question of this dispensation was that of Joseph's mother when he asked Joseph after the vision "Are you ok?" and he responded " I am well enough off, I have learned for myself that the Presbyterian church is not true." I have learned for myself. How amazing of a phrase! Just from the power of prayer we can learn for ourselves... Anything! He taught how we can pray to have the spirit with us while we pray so that we can learn for ourselves anything we need to. The needs of our investigators, school, life, work, family anything! So my plea for you is to make prayer more meaningful in your life. Pray with the spirit and truly try to learn for yourself. Love y'all!

Ate próxima semana!

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