Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dec 21, 2015 - Feliz Natal! (:

We got some cool stuff happening over here! So on Tuesday the zone leaders came to my District meeting and then we went on a division after! I went with elder Wilkes who actually served here about 8 months ago! So we went to visit some members and old friends. And we taught Francisco again and it was awesome having Wilkes there with me. We had a super powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon and he kept saying that first he has to read the bible then he'll read the Book of Mormon. Haha no it doesn't work like that. You can read both without reading the other! Haha but it was awesome! Wilkes said that he like s to get his investigators a really string testimony of the Book of Mormon first because those who do have a way higher chance of staying firm. and its so true! The Book of Mormon is so Powerful and I've come to know that so much more on my mission!

Then on Thursday we went to do a baptismal interview for the sisters Baptism, Rute! Shes 18 and was so excited and it was one of the smoothest most powerful interviews I've done! So on Saturday they came down to our chapel to have the baptism because they don't have a font. About 5 minutes before it started we realized the baptizer hadn't showed up! So they call him and turns out hes not going to make it in time! Of course. (Remember how Satan works really hard on baptisms?) So they turn to me and say I have to do it. The only problem is I don't have white clothes! So the program starts and I have less than 10 minutes to run a km home grab my clothes and a km back! I show up at the church exhausted, change my clothes and I'm only 2 minutes late! We get in the water and after bringing her up I felt the strongest spirit ever! It was funny because Rute turned to me and said "Can I go back under again?! (: " hahah so I turned to the 2 witnesses and they said sure go ahead! So she just kinda plops back under and comes back up and it was hilarious! She loved it. It was so cool to be a part of it! And on my birthday too:D

Well that's about it for this week! I hope all you have a fantastic Christmas and remember the reason for the season! Feliz Natal!

Pic: This is me following the traditions of my forefathers:D

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