Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dec 14, 2015 - 20 Down. 1 To Go.

Very cool week this week! We helped our favorite members, Zulmira and Antonio move a lot this week. Basically all day Tuesday and all day Saturday we were over there helping. They are moving to another house basically around the block so it was pretty fast but its crazy how deceiving Portuguese houses are! They have SO much stuff! But it was fun to help and she was so thankful! It was sweet!

We found some cool new investigators this week, finally! We knocked into this guy Francisco who let us explain everything we wanted to. Haha it was funny, he answered the door and all we asked was if we could have 5 minutes of his time and he looked at his watch and said "OK. 5 minutes. The game is on but I'll listen. Go" Hahah so we left a super simple first lesson and we ended up talking there at the door or about 15 minutes or so. It was awesome and we know hes elect because he left the Chelsea game to talk with us!

Also we had our ward Christmas Party on Saturday and it was a great turnout! We had 3 investigators there and 2 of them were some boys 12 and 14 who are sons of a less active but came for the party and these kids David and Diogo are elect! They came up to us and said "we want to learn more about the church. Do you have something we can read?" Talk about inspired question! We gave them each a pamphlet to read and said we'll talk with them more this week. Then just Diogo came to church the next day but we're super excited. We got there mom's number and are going to visit them I think tomorrow on our division with the ZLs.

We watched the Christmas Devotional and it was so good! I especially like the part by L Whitney Clayton where he said that when the angel came to the shepherds and said"Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." And how that phrase Fear Not is ever more relevant today! And how he could be talking to us as well and is telling us that the joy of the news of Christ's birth and life should and will replace all fear that we have. Really cool aspect and view of that phrase. So I guess my 5 cents this week is to FEAR NOT! Christ is born and he lives! Remember him. Look to him and FEAR NOT!

Pics: this is Zulmira and Antonio!
And this is David! He is not a member but his son and daughter are members and he feeds us every Sunday and we are going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with him and his family! It was his birthday on Thursday and we got him these sunglasses! 

Elder Powell

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