Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jan 25, 2016 - Marketing Scheme

Bom dia!

I dont have too much to talk about this week but today was a fun P day! We went to the local soccer stadium of the team here in PĆ³voa and it was cool! They treated us like VIPs. We get to the stadium and its closed. We ring the doorbell and they say yeah its closed every day and they dont have like running tours. But we say awe man we just wanted to see the stadium and take some pictures. The guy says, wait here and goes to get somebody. Then like the media official of the team comes back and says yeah I can take you on a tour of the stadium and they actually have practice here in a couple minutes if you wanna stay and watch? Sweet! So we went to the VIP lounge and the press room and the museum and the coach's box. Its a really small team in a really small stadium but it was still cool! Then we watched them practice for a little bit. As we were leaving they gave us both free jerseys! And they say "on behalf of the team we want to present you these jerseys and thanks for coming. Our next game is on Wednesday and you're welcomed to come and watch." Haha I thought to myself. Man these guys are trying to get 2 new season ticket holders! They are trying to buy over with free stuff and a free tour! Haha But we got a free jersey out of it!:D

Anyway this week we had a worldwide training from a bunch of apostles and 70 that we watched online. it was really good. They talked a lot about following the spirit and how we're called to preach repentance and baptize converts. They also said that with less active members we should treat them like new investigators and teach them the first vision again to bring back those feelings of how they felt the first time they met with the missionaries which I thought was revolutionary! So we put to this to practice! We visited a less active family and taught them the first vision. They didn't seem like awe stricken but we felt the spirit. And we're going to work with them back to reactivation!

Yesterday Afonso received the Holy Ghost and it was really cool being in the circle. The spirit filled the room and it was a really special experience.

The weather is not helping us this week and this month because there is no one in the street. everyone is locked up inside their houses. So as missionaries what do we do? we Knock on their doors! Haha this week I think we literally knocked on 2000 doors! And we didn't have too much success. But this week we have our Mega Conference with all the leaders of the mission so I'm excited for that! Maybe we'll learn how to find the elects!

I guess the big thing I'm learning right now is Endure to the End. There are weeks or days that are slower or harder than others but God knows what we need in order to progress and learn. And having that Eternal Perspective is always so great during those times. The knowledge that we have that yes this will all be worth it in the end is crucial in the day to day grind.  So don't give up!!


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