Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jan 4, 2016 - 2016!

Well happy 2016 everyone! This week has been a pretty average week. Really rainy but not too cold! On New Year's eve we went over to a member's house and we ate a ton of really yummy food! She made a Brazilian lasagna which was amazing then we had a bunch of shrimp. Shrimp as in we had to tear off the head and the legs and everything! Too good. Then just a bunch of cakes and puddings and fruit! Then at about 11 they all started packing up and putting on there coats and everything and I was really confused. Turns out they were on their way to Porto for the party at the stake center. So they dropped us off at our house at about 11:15 which was... unexpected haha but we made the most of it and stayed up till 12 and watched the fireworks out our window! It was insane! It was like an instantaneous explosion of the cit! 15 or 20 minutes of straight fireworks all around us! I think New Years is bigger than Christmas here. It was awesome! Then New years day we headed over to David's house and ate lunch and dinner with him with even more shrimp and octopus and cakes haha the Portuguese know how to eat!

So I dont know if I've already talked about our other David. Hes 12 years old and hes the grandson of a member. And hes been coming to church every week for about a month and hes incredible. Ever week we teach him during the 3rd our with a sweet RM in our ward and he has been progressing so much! He said hes been praying and reading every day and he feels like this is the right church and its true! Then we had a really good lesson about the plan of salvation and he totally understood it! He asked "So people who go to the spirit prison without knowing about the gospel can still make it to the celestial kingdom?" YES! Yes they can! But we told him to just go to paradise and you wont have to worry about all that haha but the thing is his mom is not very cooperative with us and hasnt let us come to their house to teach him. Hes been coming to church with his grandparents and we only get to teach him once a week. BUT we're way excited and hes so ready to be baptized this month!

Thats it for this week! Transfer calls are coming tonight so we're anxiously waiting for that. Have an awesome week and I hope all of you start this year on the right foot! Its never too late to start over and make a change!

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