Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mar. 7, 2016 - A Vida é Como um Jogo de Xadrez

Hey everybody! This week was a blast!

We had our mission counsel and we got super prepared for this month and our goal as a mission to baptize 35!! It was awesome! Presidente was strangely all lovey dovey with us and didn't even yell once! That was my miracle for the day! :D

Then we had to run home and prepare for our zone meeting the next day. It was awesome to get to know all my zone members and welcome all the greenies and try to pump everyone to help for the mission goal! 

Miracle of the week! We contacted this lady who was definitely put there by the hand of God. She explained how she has 2 cousins who are RMs and one who is serving in Spain right now. She already read most of the Book of Mormon and my mind was blown! Super cool! We're preparing her for baptism for the end of this month!:D

So my subject line is translated as Life is like a game of chess! We have been playing chess a ton this week and we have been applying the concepts of chess into basically everything in life! And one of the biggest one is you have to think at least 1 step ahead and most of the time 2 steps ahead. And that's basically how we have to go though life. We have to have that eternal perspective with everything we do. We have to realize that our decisions now effect, sometimes, the rest of our lives. We have to think about what we want to happen in the future, then act now according to that goal. So make sure your decisions are putting you on a path you want to be in 2 steps. And that path is the path that leads to our Heavenly Home with our Heavenly parents. 

Love you all and have a great week!

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