Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Feb. 22, 2016 - Opposite George

This week was too cool! We had our mission conference with Elder Kearon! The whole mission got together for this conference. So it was quite the party! He is the 70 President of the Area of Europe. Some background about him and his wife. He was born and raised in England so the whole day I was pleasured with the strongest British accent ever haha it was so cool! His wife was born and raised in San Francisco and had the most marvelous American accent which was quite strange to hear actually... She went on a study abroad to London and saw him giving a talk in church and the rest is history! Haha they got married in Oakland! Shout out to the bay area! 3 things that I would like to share from this conference. 

1. He said that the millennial generation is dubbed as the worrisome generation. And he said well I dont believe that! And he basically told everyone to calm down. Just relax and do what you do and the Lord will help you. I really needed hat because right then I realized that I'm basically like always stressed about something. So I decided I will be more relaxed.

2. He said EUROPE CAN BAPTIZE!! (he got really emotional and heated at the part haha) he said there are stupid people out there who say to preparing elders going to Europe oh you wont baptize in Europe, its too hard. He said what little faith!! Then he asked everyone who had European roots in the church to raise their hand. 95% of the missionaries raised their hand. EXACTLY! Basically the early days of the church was rooted in Europe. So we can dispel this myth that Europe doesn't baptize! He was pretty patriotic being a European.

3.He said That we should change our way of thinking. Get out of the routine. Do things differently. Always try to be getting better or different or something! Right then I thought about George Costanza and who his whole life changed for the better when he decided to do the opposite of what he would normally do. So I thought well lets try it! I'm going to be Opposite Elder Powell haha shout out to Seinfeld!

Inês is still progressing really well and we are excited for her baptism this week! Oh and we saw the miracle of the most catholic lady I have ever met came to church yesterday!!! She loved it and felt the spirit so much and yeah miracles happen every day!

This is a picture of the whole mission!! I am on the top row 5 in from the right. :D


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