Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mar. 21, 2016 - I cant describe this week in words....

So this week was quite strange. So we started planning that wedding and Mission Pres said he was going to help pay for it and everything. So we go to City Hall to get an estimate so we can tell Prez and get the ward council moving. We then go to Lurdes and Vitor's house and she tells us he left her.... he went to his parents house and they arent getting married. Really sad and confusing. But she still had a really big desire to get baptized. 

Sunday night we go visit her and Vitor is back and everything is back to normal! So we thought. Turns out they're still good friends but not living together but he hangs out at her house a lot now and they both want to get baptized separately. So we taught the law of chastity and they both agreed to it because they arent living together. So yeah. They're still getting baptized but not married. Hahah really weird.

Also our other marked was supposed to get baptized yesterday but fell into temptation with her boyfriend on Friday! The day before her baptismal interview Satan got a hold of her! So we're doubling our efforts to keep her head up and ready for Sunday!

So I guess I learned to never let your guard down! I admit we kinda thought everything was all god and got a little lazy with our planning and acompanhamento. So NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN! Satan is waiting for that moment when you think you're all good. You have to fight everyday! And with The Lord on your side you'll win every time, but you have to let Him help you.

Have a great week. Next week you should see lots of white:D

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