Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mar. 30, 2015 - Porque Ele Vive

Olá de Braga!

So we had a baptism this week!!! I don't know if you remember that grandson of the member in our ward but we taught him this week and he got baptized yesterday!! It was awesome! He's a cool little dude. His family was not happy that he has to wait until next week to receive the holy ghost but since he's older than 8 he was to wait a week. But yeah here's a picture of him!

Saturday we had a triple baptism in our ward too! 2 little 8 year old girls and an 11 year old that the sisters taught. It was quite the crazy Portugal party. The chapel was full and basically every Mormon in Braga was there because they're all daughters of men in the bishopric. So we have the Baptism and it was really nice. Then we have some food after and it was a ton! So everyone eats that then they bring out THE MAIN COURSE! Hahaha they had like 5 huge pans of Feijoada (a bean and meat stew that is to die for) With all this rice. A missionary's dream. THEN they bring out the desserts! All these pastries and cake and fruit and ice cream and it was incredible how a little church kitchen could have this much food! Then a member in our ward is on Portugal's Got Talent in the Finale as a magician and he did this huge magic show that was just incredible. So basically we stayed at the church from 5-9 for this baptism of some girls in our ward. I'm not complaining. :D

We also had a division this past week with the Zone Leaders which was actually really awesome. I learned a ton about how to teach better and how to really get to now the people we're teaching better. And also how important it is to TESTIFY at every chance we get. Sometimes when we would contact people on the street we would just say our little routine but the Zone leader would just immediately start testifying which was really awesome!

Well with Easter this week I guess I'll share a little thought. So I hope all you people out there have seen the Because He Lives video that the church put out this weekend. It's incredible. HE LIVES. He is there for you and and he is there for me. NO matter what we've done in the past he is still there for us. He wants us to succeed and he knows us better than anyone. I've learned on the mission that the Atonement is not just for sins but for hard times too, and I've had a lot of hard times. We can use the Atonement when we need help in anything, when we're sad, when we're stressed, when we just get depressed for no reason. He is there for us. 

"In the strength of the Lord we can do and overcome ALL things as we press forward on our journey of mortality" -- Elder Bednar. 

Happy Easter and happy Conference weekend this weekend. HE LIVES (:

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