Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Apr. 6, 2015 - Hospital....

Happy Easter and Conference all my fellow saints!

This week was awesome! The sun has been out and it's getting really hot and actually too hot. The sweat is slowly starting to come... But at least it's not rain right?!

Conference was awesome and we got to watch some sessions live and some recorded in English with some other ward members who speak English. It was pretty strange to hear those people oppose the prophet but oh well. That only reaffirms how much they are truly men of God! But from conference I basically learned that I need to get married tomorrow and start a family on wednsday. Hahaha sorry apostles, I'm kinda stuck here in Portugal. But no really the amount of talks about marriage and families were so awesome! I truly Love my family and I wouldnt trade them for anything!(: And it was so cool when L Tom Perry said that at the Summit in the Vatican the one Muslim representative quoted verbatim form the Proclamation of the Family! That was cool. Mormon pride! 

We had a Zone meeting in Porto this week and we go to the train station and they are having a strike. All the train drivers didn't work this whole week and caused us some problems haha so we had to grab a taxi and a bus and two metros and we got there a half hour late....oops. 

But yeah this week we went to the Hospital! 
One of our really close investigators, Alexendra, had a baby on Friday!! It was so awesome! Pedro Miguel is his name and hes 3 kgs, (like 7. something lbs.) and healthy and everything! She is a single mom so she didn't really have that much support, only from her two brothers, and us! But he is so cute and the mom is healthy and I've really come to love them. It was a miracle though because she smoked all during her pregnancy.... but they're healthy ad normal! At the hospital we talked a lot about the innocence of precious new babies and about how important families are. The spirit was so strong and she even said that when we come we bring a different peace and spirit so she is truly starting recognize the spirit! Hopefully by this time next week she'll be marked for baptism!:D She's elect. 
But yeah this week was awesome and Easter and conference being on the same weekend is always awesome! I know that My Redeemer lives and I know he suffered for me and for you. He rose on the 3rd day and I know only through him we can become our best and most perfected selves! 
Love you all and have a good week! Até logo! (:

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