Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 11, 2015 - LISBON!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! AGAIN!!:) haha love ya mom! Well we spent all day in lisbon today and it was awesome! We went bowling and sightseeing and it was sawweeett! We were there with a total of 12 missionaries and I won! haha yeah dad would be proud. I only got a score of 136 but it was way fun! And we have about 30 minutes to email so basically its going to be short.

This week we made cinnamon rolls and gave them to a bunch of members in our area so that was awesome! We have an awesome branch who just adore the elders haha so its been fun!

We got a sick reference from Setubal and he is a portuguese man with a family who has family members who are members of the church so this week is going to be awesome teaching them!

We got to talk to our families yesterday and that was way fun! Everyone is growing up so much!!

Well thats about it! Sorry it was so short! Love you all!

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