Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Feliz Dia das Mães!!

So here in Portugal, and I think in all of Europe, Mothers day was yesterday so Happy mothers day mom!! I love you!!(: But yeah next week we get to call home so I'm pretty excited about that!

Well it was my first week in this area and it's been so awesome! We are down here by Lisbon in this tiny area with only like 6 streets haha so basically I already know the area. But its a pretty poor area with a lot of africans and just so you know Africans are ELECT! They are so cool and so humble and I can alrady tell this transfer is going to be awesome!! 

I am living in a house with the Zone leaders and it has been a blast haha basically we know all the secrets and inside stories and things about the mission. But its been so fun having 4 elders! One of the ZLs is a 25 year old Albanian who learned english from rap songs. He's so sweet. Apparently he was in the Albanian mafia or something. 

But our branch is awesome. It has about 45 actives and they are so nice! They were so warm and welcoming to me and I bore my testimony yesterday and I can already feel their love for me.

So before I got here there were 2 baptisms but they never came back to church to recieve the Dom do Espirito Santo. So this week we were passing them alot teaching about the importance of church and the spirit and basicaly we drilled in their head they have to come to curch this week! And... they didnt. Haha it was quite strange. But I guess this next we have to give more faca. 

This is a picture of some graffiti that hopefully wont keep you up tonight haha well thats about it. Hopefully next week I'll be talking about all our people marked for baptism! Have a good week! I love you all! Fiquem Bem!

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