Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Apr. 20, 2015 - I don't have a clever subject this week...

Olá todo mundo!
This week was pretty hectic! Last week we went up to Guimarães for P day so that was sweet! Portugal has some pretty awesome old little towns. And this was the oldest town in Portugal. But no really Portugal was born there so that was cool! 

But on saturday we had out Noite da Cinema! We had a fun movie night where we watched the Testaments at the church and we encouraged everyone to bring friends and investigators and things and it was pretty fun! We had about 30 people show up so that was pretty disappointing but oh well it was still fun! The sisters and us were kinda of in charge of it so we had to call every member and menos ativo and every investigator ever and make popcorn and buy food and drinks and set everything up so that was pretty stressful but it all came together! The testaments is actually a pretty powerful movie! 

But on Thursday we had a milagre! We had a pretty firme compromisso that fell and we were pretty discouraged at about 7:30 with nothing to do. So we called a number in our phone that we had been meaning to call for quite a while and she answered! So we asked if she could meet at the church right then and talk. And she said yes! So we taught her and she ended up being childhood friends with our ex bishop and it was crazy! She said she would read the LDM and everything! It really lifted our spirits because we had had a pretty hard day up until then. So yeah don't let anyone go! Even if they were just some random street contact that gave you their phone number! Hahah but it was awesome she's super elect!

Love You all! Keep trusting in the Lord in all things and he will lift your burdens!
Mosiah 24:14-15

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