Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Apr. 27, 2015 - TRANSFERS!!!!

So I got trasnferred! I'm in an area called Barreiro. Its on the south side of the river across from Lison! So this morning I took a 4 hour train to lisbon then 2 more metros to my area! Its been awesome. My comp seems pretty awesome and he has abobut 7 months left. We're living in a house with the Zone leaders so that should be fun! But yeah its going to be awesome to finally do something new and see new stuff! And plus lisbon is a lot warmer:D Haha but yeah so that as my day today

But this week was awesome! The sisters in our district had a baptism so that was pretty fun! 

On wednesday I had a division with Elder Belo and it was so fun! I went up to Guimaraes and we had a sweet day with some actually pretty serious lessons so that was fun! Oh we ate at the Bishops house and it was amazing. I cant even describe it! Meat and potatoes and this amazing salad and homemade pastels da nata. It was a perfect way to end the transfer. But we had some good lessons. One with this african lady, Arminda, with 2 little kids who says shes just wants to leave her house and how she wants joy in life but her companion is making her stay and she basicaly poured out her life to us. It was pretty heavy. I am so grateful that we had Bishop with us or else we wouldve not known what to say. But it was awesome and she prayed at the end and she started craying and we could tell she was really talking to her Heavenly father. It was awesome. Sometimes I feel like marriage counselors... Hahah becasue basically nobody is married and thats all we teach. So yeah maybe I'll become a marriage counselor!

But yeah I'm going to miss Braga but I'm pretty excited for this new transfer and everything! I learned a lot in my first 12 weeks and I know I'll learn even more! 

But this week my scripture that I shared with a lot of people was mosiah 24:14-15. It has an awesome promise that if we just trust in the lord and put everything on him he will give us the strength to push through it and make them feel lighter! I've had to trust so much in him these first 2 transfers and I hope all oyu have a really strong relationship with him. And if you don't, get one! Because honestly I did'nt before my mission and I wish I did. He is there for you. He loves you and wants you to succeed and be happy! Fiquem Bem!! Ate proxima semana!

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