Monday, March 23, 2015

Mar. 23, 2015 - The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for the good man to do nothing

That quote is spray painted on the path we walk down everyday. Its pretty good actually! 

Anyway this week was sweet! We have a baptism this Sunday!! Haha but the story behind it is hilarious! We have a member in our ward with a grandson who has been coming to church for years and knows everything but isn't baptized. I don't know why he isn't but he's 12 years old and so we just have to teach him some stuff and review and make sure he's ready for baptism. But the funniest thing happened because we hadn't even met him and yesterday they announced his baptism from the pulpit! haha he wasn't even a new investigator yet! hahah strange but fun!

Oh so we were eating lunch on Wednesday and we hear these two huge explosions. Like our windows kinda rattled. So we look out the window and there's this huge fire probably a mile away or so but it was intense! It was up on this hill and they put it out pretty fast it was intense. Heres a picture. 

But yeah we also have this other investigator Karen. She is elect! We only taught her the first lesson but she is so prepared and so ready! She has a 16 year old son with pretty bad autism which is making her skeptical to come to church but we also have a member in our ward with a 16 year old son with autism so guess who's going to teach with us? Its going to be awesome! Hopefully she'll have a baptism date in next weeks email!

Well love you all! If you think you can or you can't; YOU'RE RIGHT!

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