Monday, March 2, 2015

Mar. 2, 2015 - We're Master Chefs

Hello from cloudy rainy Braga!

Haha yup its still raining! Ok its not exactly "rain". Imagine this. Theres a really big fan with those mist sprayers, but like 30 feet away. And you just get that light\decent mist. but all the time. haha thas Braga for you. 

Well to start I just want to say that me and Elder Arnold have been cooking like wizards! haha this week we made shepherds pie! yup with homemade mashed potatoes and everything. Then on friday we made chicken cordon bleu! No joke! We sliced open some chicken breasts shoved in some cheese and ham and dipped them in flour then eggs then cracker crumbs to have the batter crust. Yeah heres a picture haha it was quite divine. 

Last P day we went to the big cathedral up on the hill over looking Braga called Bom Jesus and it was sweet! Catholics are pretty good architects! I found a 4 leaf clover too!! It was probably the luckiest thing ever (ba dum tss) but really we were just walking and passed this grass/clover patch and i just saw it! boom. 4 leaf clover. 

We helped a member tear out their bathroom this week. Well basically just the bathtub. It was this really old rusty bathtub that was extremely awkward and heavy ad we had to carry it down a flight of stairs and out to the backyard. It was intense. And i think i got rust on my pants and white shirt. Oh well. It was good to serve! 

This week has been pretty tough with teaching and finding people. We have had hardly any lessons and the one pesquisador who was gonna come to church didnt so that was unfortunate. But we´re going to keep working hard and fasting and hopefully I have better news next week but this area has been pretty rough. Pray for the people to be accepting.

And we had my first zone Conference! We took like a train for 90 minutes to Porto and met with everyone and it was pretty fun! I had to give the opening prayer so that was nerve racking. And we had our entrevistas with Presidente which was incredible. He is so loving and just an incredible leader and man. Ive only talked to him for 20 minutes in my whole life but i can already say that. Hes definitely called by divine revelation.

This week I looked in the Bible Dictionary at all the names of Christ and I knew there would be too many to count but 1 i found was really interesting. Captain. Christ is our captain. And we are his army. It was so cool! It made me look at him as this ripped powerful captain  with his hair flowing in the wind with all the power in the universe and WE are his army. Pretty sweet stuff. 

Love you guys and miss you all!

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