Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015 - i finally saw the sun this week!

yes it stopped raining this week for a couple days! haha it was awesome and actually pretty hot! but this week was good, not that much success but it was an intersting week!

on tuesday we had a little ward party/carniaval and it was lame. haha only like 15 people showed up, mostly kids with no parents. weird. but we picked up these two little african kids, brother sister and the little girl, who was 7, won the costume contest! it was awesome she was so cute and so happy! 

then the next night we helped someone move. and my first thought when we got there was, this is mom´s worst nightmare. baha try not to have an anxiety attack while you read this. so we get there and nothing is packed (it wasnt that much stuff but still) and they have no boxes. so theyre frantically putting everything in these random tote bags. yes bags. and its me, elder arnold, the bishop, and two other members who are old and couldnt carry anything so while they packed everything, me and elder arnold were running up and down the stairs a million times. haha it was a disatser. portuguese people arent the brightest. and all they had was this one van and a mazda to put the stuff in. oh did i mention it was 8 pm when we started? haha yeah so we got home at 10:45 and we got some serious faca from the zone leaders but oh well. we were serving so it was good! fun night. 

This week we knocked into some romanians. they answered the door and just welcomed us in like immediately and wanted to be taught everything like right there. crazy! so we teach the first lesson and by the time we´re done we realize they didnt understand anything. haha like they just said oh thank you that was good but it all went over their heads. haha they spoke very little portuguese and that didnt help. so next time we´re going to have to teach like we´re teaching primary kids. itll be fun!

oh we got a francezinha! its basically a steak sandwhich with an egg on top smothered in sauce. it was quite good. 

This morning i was reading ether 12:27 and it just made me realize that we need to truly humble ourselves before the lord can build us up. he cuts us down and gives us trials and weaknesses and as soon as we realize that then he`ll build us up to what we can be. amazing.

well love you guys! hope youre all doing good and remember to trust the lord in all things!

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