Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb. 16, 2015 - rain

Olá família e amigos!

well i completed my first real week here! and its been awesome! we went on divsions with the zone leaders on thursday and that was pretty stressful. they both came here so i had to lead and find people. and i dont know if he knew but i had only been here for 7 days! hahah but it was a good way to have to learn the area quickly. miraculously i found all the house i needed to and i suprised myself with my memory! nobody was home at any of the houses we visited but oh well i was just preoccupied with finding them.  

we ate dinner at a members house twice and 1 investigators! the investigator, Fernanda, made feijoada which is a bean, meat, vegetable stew over rice. it sounds pretty gross but it was suprisingly good!! apparently very portuguese so that was fun! then we ate at the marinho´s who are from england and speak english and way funny! i forgot what we had but it was good. then yesterday we ate with another member who made feijoada too and i dont know what it was but it was probably the best food ive ever eaten in my life. no joke. haha hes a miracle worker.

well last time i told you about that family we found and we went back and taught just the dad, Domingos, and at first he seemed interested and we got all the way thorugh the first lesson and at the end when we offered him to keep and read the book of mormon HE SAID NO. like what the heck man?? its a free book. just take it and read it and get baptized and get sealed to your family man! oh well. maybe the next missionaries will get him! haha 

so basically our whole mision isn´t doing too well and have had like basically no baptisms and 
we´re getting a lot of faca from the president so today we started a district fast so that we can just have more success. 

so last night we visited a lady who lives in our same housing complex who isnt a member but just loves the missionaries and is so happy and so we went over to share a prayer and scripture and when i started praying she starts mumbling to herself and like whispering. i continues and shes saying amen and thank you thank you amen mmhmm haha it was so funny. 

but yesterday we got a call from a member who says that she has a nephew who got permission from his parents to be baptized and we just have to teach him! so that was basically a miracle and hopefully this week we get to teach him. 

fun week! love you guys! 

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