Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb. 9, 2015 - PORTUGAL!

Well i finally arrived here in Portugal! Our flight was actually pretty good and i slept most of the time which was really nice. Our flight form atlanta to Amsterdam was half empty so we all could spread out and sleep which was kinda bizarre haha then we arrived in lisbon and met the mission president and my trainer Elder Arnold who ill describe later then we got assigned out areas and I got assigned to Braga. So we booked it over to the train station and took a 5 hour train to a little area North of porto. It is freezing cold! like probably 35 degrees. So i wear my shirt and sweater and big over coat and gloves and I am still cold BUT its been way fun! We got to the apt at like 1130 at night on thursday and we just went straight to sleep. We have been doing just a lot of street contacting and door knocking and trying to visit less actives and stuff like that but we havent been very successful. But this week looks pretty promising becasue we found some faimlies who we felt pretty good about. so we will see about that.

MY TRAINER! He is amazing. Elder Arnold The first thing we did was just practice a street contact. Like an hour after i met him we were already practicing and preparing which was realy cool. He is so loving and selfless and told me that he has been where I am so I can come to him whenever I just have a bad day or something which is awesome. Hes DL and a really hard worker and so obedient and I can tell its going to be a fun 12 weeks!

Church was actually not as bad as I thought. Its a ward here of about 80 actives and they asked me to bear my testimony and introduce myself which wasnt too bad and everyone told me i speak really well for how long ive been here which was encouraging. But I still cant really talk to anyone. I can understand about 80% of what people say but i just cant put together a response. com tempo. The accents here are really really thick and people just talk like softly so even if i could understand them i still cant even physically hear them so its going to be an adventure haha

Oh and I forgot my carry on bag at the mission office. haha so I dont have my english book of mormon or any of my toiletries and MY CAMERA or my blanket that i desperately want because its so cold haha but we are so far north that i honestly dont know when I am going to see it again. dia triste. 

Well thats basically my first couple days in the field. Its been fun. its been hard and I´m always tired but I love it! Tchau!

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